Monday, April 28, 2014

Well-being on board the Jahan

Apsara Spa

Unloose the stress and strain of the world. Discover the unique upscale Southeast Asian spa experience. We offer a wide range of relaxing massages and treatments. Foot massage on the sun deck or in the privacy of your balcony or in your stateroom is also possible on request. We recommend consulting the daily excursion before booking your spa treatments so you don’t miss out on any excursion.

Sun Deck

Enjoy the cruise on the sun deck whilst soaking in the balmy rays of the Southeast Asian sun or having a pre-dinner cock-tail. Come and foster a calm and tranquil mind with our morning Tai Chi classes. A moving form of yoga and meditation combined, Tai Chi animates the body and provides a practical avenue for balance, alignment and a perfect rhythm of movement. Details and schedule in your daily program.

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