Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Veritable Hosts


Jahan is renowned for being a peerless host on water. They are personal. They are specially arranged to suit your palate, your adventurous spirit, your whims and fancies and at times, your need for privacy.

You are made to feel at home. A home that is as warm as it is exquisite. Private breakfast can be served to your staterooms or whilst sitting under a shade on the sun deck in the rising morning sun. Comprehensive menus are created to leave you wishing for more. Single Spa and massage hideaways allow you to feel the complete Southeast Asian touch. Unique lounges of wonderful splendour fitted with cosy and antique furnishings re-create that homely feeling, reminiscent of babies snuggled on their mother’s lap in the living room. But most importantly, RV Jahan creates intimate bonds and friendships. You will likely be welcomed as a family member. The crew, who are kindred spirits, are keen to ensure your experience remains indelibly etched in your memory. With a genuine smile. They remember your preferences and tastes. And as mentioned before – they remember your names.

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