Monday, April 28, 2014

Services on the Jahan


Power adaptors/batteries

Power adaptors are available on request on the Jahan Cruises.

We sell batteries at the reception and also accept used ones for environmentally sound disposal.

Booking Service

Please contact our front desk for any after cruise hotel bookings, reconfirmations, tours and pick up services on the Jahan Cruises.

Onboard account

You will be given a personal ship board account which allows you to sign for all purchases and services throughout your cruise. Your ship board account will be automatically opened upon check in. All bills are charged in US Dollar (American Express, Master Card or Visa). We accept cash and credit card payment.

Please note that only bills exceeding 25 USD can be settled by credit card. We do not accept traveler cheques.Your provisional account is presented for your review the evening prior to your departure on the Jahan Cruises.

Burn CDs

If your camera card memory is full we offer you to burn a CD at our Jahan reception for free.

Lost & Found

For lost and found items please contact the reception of the RV Jahan.

Money Exchange
We change small amounts of foreign currencies such as Euro and Australian Dollar into US Dollar or Vietnamese Dong.

Please note that the US Dollar is widely accepted in Cambodia but barely in Vietnam.


We have special designed postcards to purchase at our boutique shop.

Postal Service

To send greetings to loved ones back home, simply drop off your letters or postcards at our reception letter box. We will affix the stamps and drop them off at the post office. The cost of the stamps is charged to your Jahan ship board account.


After your Jahan cruise we can assist in arranging any private or special transportation for you to the airport or your hotel. Please ask at the reception.


Umbrellas are available at the reception.


Room service

Please contact the Jahan reception for any room service request.

In-cabin dining

You can order food and drinks to your cabin. Breakfast at your balcony is served upon request. Please fill in the breakfast menu card the night before and simply hang it out on the door handle.

Air conditioning

The air condition in each cabin is individually adjustable.


Cotton buds, cotton sticks, shower cabs, sanitary bags, and sewing kits are available in the amenity box or tray in your bathroom. Please contact the reception if you need more of those.


Flashlights are available in your Jahan cabin.


Ice is provided to your cabin upon request. Please call the reception.

Laundry Service

Simply fill up the laundry bag with your used clothes and place the bag outside the door. Don’t forget to attach the laundry receipt. Your fresh and cleaned laundry will be returned to you the following day.

Luggage Storage

If you need additional storage space please call the reception. Your luggage is picked up and kept in our storage. Your luggage will be returned to your cabin on the evening before disembarkation.

Mini Bar

Each cabin has a mini bar which is replenished daily. Ice is served upon request.

Mosquito Incense Coils

We have taken every measure to reduce mosquitoes on the cruise. However, for your comfort, you find mosquito coils in your cabin’s desk drawer. Please only burn the mosquito coils in the mosquito coil holder to prevent the risk of fire.


We have a selection of different types of pillows on request. Please contact your room attendant. The Jahan displays a selection as well in the directory.

Linen, Blankets and Duvets

If you do not wish the linen to be changed on any day please kindly let your room attendant know. All linen is of non-bleached and non-dyed natural cotton. Duvets can be replaced with blankets and are available on request.


We have soft mattresses (mattress pad) available. Please contact our Jahan reception.

Safety Box

Each cabin is equipped with a safety box. Please follow the instruction manual to use it and feel free to ask for assistance if needed. You are highly encouraged to put all your valuables in the safety box. Jahan Cruises will not be held responsibilities for any losses in your cabin.

Shoe Shine Service

To give your shoes an extra shine simply place them outside your door and we will polish them for you.


To make international calls please contact our reception.

Turndown Service

At dinner time, our house keeping staff will prepare your bed for the night. You will also find the itinerary on your bed for the cruise the following day.

Wake Up Call

Please arrange with our reception.



Available at the reception.

Books & Music



Board games are available at the reception or via room service (Backgammon, Chess).


Pre recorded i-pods are available upon request.


Available upon request.

DVD player*

Available upon request.

*Varies for each boat. Only limited items.


IDD at the reception

There is an International Dialing Directory available at the reception (depends on network).


Internet is available in the lobby lounge/reception area while mooring in Phnom Penh port and mostly en route.


We have notebook to lend. Please book your notebook well in advance. Internet is available during most of the cruise in lobby.


Newspapers in English or German are available at the Lounge.

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