Monday, May 26, 2014

Mekong Journeys - The Floating Life

From its icy start in the Tibetan Plateau, the Mekong River winds through China, Burma, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia before breaking into tributaries in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. 


The glistening rice paddies, tangled fruit orchards and floating fish farms of the delta all depend on this river’s bounty. First Choice operates two luxurious vessels in this lush delta: the father of our fleet, The Jayavarman, and his brother, The Jahan. Custom-ordered to evoke the stately elegance of Indochine and the rich artistry of an Indian Maharaja’s palace, these craft combine old-world elegance with modern comfort. In the Mekong Delta, First Choice cruises explore the age-old ways of life supported by this majestic river. Guests can ride bicycles through the rice fields; sip homemade fruit liqueur in a pomello orchard; and quiet riverside temples. With so much to see and learn, and so many ways to relax, guests will feel both pampered and invigorated. Vietnam is perhaps the only country to use the words “land” and “water” to mean “nation”. Crisscrossed by myriad waterways, the only way to experience the Mekong Delta is by boat. First Choice cruises take you through Vietnam’s rural heartland to Cambodia’s temple-strewn capital. Options include the seven-night Lost Civilization cruise; the three- or four-night Serenity cruise; the three-night Pearl of the Orient cruise; and the two-night Deep in the Delta cruise. Guests seeking privacy can opt for special tailor-made excursions.

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