Monday, April 28, 2014

Behavior in the Jahan cabin

Do Not Disturb

Please hang up the “Do not disturb” sign outside your Jahan door if you don’t want the hotel staff to clean your room.

Drinking Water

Don’t drink the tap water on RV Jahan! Although the water has been filtered several times, we recommend using it for washing purposes only. Complimentary drinking water is available at your desk. Drinking water from the jug is available at all outlets and during meals.


A hairdryer is available in each Jahan cabin. For your safety, please keep it away from water. The hair dryer must not be used in the bathroom for security reason.

Hot water

Please adjust the water temperature before getting in the shower on board the Jahan Cruises.

Insect Precautions

External doors and the sliding windows should be kept closed. If you are on deck or going ashore at night, please use mosquito’s repellants. During the day, mosquitoes are less of a problem than other forms of insect life. Switch off lights when leaving your cabin as not to lure them in.

For your comfort, we have mosquito nets available, mosquito multi plugs and mosquito coils for your use.


Please drop your room key at the reception before leaving the ship.

Sanitary Pads

Since these are not readily biodegradable, guests are requested to dispose them only in the bags provided.


Smoking is permitted only on your balcony (outside your cabin). Please close the panoramic sliding doors when smoking on the balcony. It is forbidden to smoke in your cabin and all indoor public areas. The danger of fire should never be ignored.


To ensure an eco-friendly sustainable environment, towels will only be changed if you place them on the floor of the bathroom.

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